Where to ride bike in United States?

Updated: March 29, 2021, 12:57 p.m.

The USA is a huge country with a diverse climate and topography, which makes it especially interesting for cycling trips. It will be easier in some states and cities, and more difficult in others. We have compiled a list of the best US cities where cycling is both interesting and easy.

Top US Cities for Cycling

Austin, Texas

Any city that has a bicycle zoo should be in the top 10. (Have you ever seen an 80-foot rattlesnake with a pedal drive? There is one at Austin's bike zoo.) The 6-mile Lance Armstrong Cycling Loop, which opened in 2009, is also located in the capital of Texas. And not far from Austin the famous Texas Hill Country is located, which provides endless trips to the picturesque ranches.

Boulder, Colorado

This picturesque mountain town at the foot of the Rocky Mountains is a haven for cyclists. Hundreds of miles of bike paths, close access to world-class mountain biking trails, over 300 sunny days a year. Don't have your own bike? Not a problem - the Bouder B-cycle bicycle exchange program operates in the city, which provides round-the-clock access to bicycles at the network of its stations - just have a credit card with you. Rent a bike and ride around the city, and if you want to ride a mountain bike, you can look at rental points likr Boulder Bikesmith. And after a good and intense bike ride, there is nothing better than tasting the local beer - there are plenty of Boulder micro-breweries at your service.

Chicago, Illinois

Why is the best summer time in Chicago? In Chicago, and there are not many such cities in the world, you can be in the very center of a large metropolis, and literally 3 minutes to reach the beach. That is why the experience of cycling here will be unique in comparison with other cities on the list. If you want to directly reach your destination, drive through a vibrant city full of picturesque architecture and bike paths. And if you want to ride through places with breathtaking views of Chicago skyscrapers and beaches filled with families and friends, go for a bike ride along the coastline.

Louisville, Kentucky

This charming southern city is quickly becoming the center of cycling. Particular attention should be paid to Louisville’s 100-mile loop - a bike lane system that will someday cover the entire city, connecting parks and areas into one giant bicycle superhighway. Louisville also has a great new footbridge if you want to cross Ohio to Indiana. If you want to take a short trip around the city, grab your bike at the Louisville B-cycle city bike sharing program.

Minneapolis, Minnesota

Minneapolis is known for its fierce winters, but that doesn't stop locals from pedaling all year round. The city ranks second in the number of cyclists in major US cities (just after Portland). The cycling culture here is diverse and is a mixture of road racers, messengers, BMX-ers and hipsters enjoying 120 miles of bike paths, bike-pedestrian bridges such as Stone Arch Bridge, and Nice Ride Minnesota city bike sharing program. The relief of the city is also very flat, which makes it a great place for beginners and those who do not want to come to work all in sweat. So excuses are not accepted — ride now!

Missoula, Montana

You might think of Montana as a cowboy country, but in this trendy little town, bicycles, not horses, drive the road. Missoula is small enough so that you can get to almost anywhere in the city by bicycle. Near the town there are numerous mountain bike tracks, such as Patti Canyon, Rattlesnake Recreation Area and Blue Mountain. The Adventure Cycling Association, one of the leading national cycling organizations, is also located here. Saddle up the bikes!

New York, NY

It seems like a stunning undertaking to dive into the chaos of New York traffic, but the Big Apple has focused on a friendly environment for a two-wheeled traveler - hundreds of miles of bike paths are created. On Memorial Day 2014, the country's largest bike sharing program was presented with more than 6,000 bikes at 330 exchange stations. If you want to completely avoid cars, drive along the Hudson River Green Road, an 11-mile protected walkway that runs from Battery Park to the southern tip of Manhattan. You can rent a bike just in the park.

Portland Oregon

Portland has long held the title of King of Cycling in the United States and has been an example for cities across the country in how bicycle infrastructure should be organized. Here is the highest number of cyclists per capita. And there is a huge number of coffee houses. Grab a coffee, enjoy its taste and ride around the city.

Portland has its own bike sharing program since 2016. You can also rent a bike at local bike shops (e.g. Veloce Bicycles, Clevel Cycles, Fat Tire Farm). Like to travel not only around the city, but also to jump on the slides in nature? Take MTB and drive to the country's largest city nature reserve - Forest Park. There are a huge number of mountain bike tracks.

San Diego California

San Diego is blessed with excellent roads for roaddies and excellent mountain bike trails. Add pleasant year-round weather, and you get the perfect place for pedaling. Take a ride on the pier in the coastal area of ​​Ocean Beach to take a look at typical California surfers, bikinis, sand castles and all kinds of colorful characters. Balboa Park is the jewel of the city (and America’s largest urban cultural park), cycle to the famous San Diego Zoo and enjoy a picnic on the grass. Don't you have a bike? The San Diego Bicycle Exchange Program, which includes 1800 bicycles at 180 stations throughout the city, is already in operation.

San Francisco California

We understand that the idea of ​​riding past cable cabs through the winding streets of San Francisco does not seem ideal for a cyclist. However, it's worth it because you can enjoy the incredible views offered by the city by the bay. For example, while you cut through the usual fog of San Francisco, you will see the famous Painted Ladies or Golden Gate Bridge. Then, enjoying the picturesque views of the Pacific Ocean, continue the path to the very slopes that you saw in many films. Do not forget to stop and have a meal during or after the trip, because San Francisco is one of the best cuisines in the whole USA, and a good meal is very important for a long trip.

Seattle, Washington

Some of the best bike rides are on the northwest coast of the Pacific Oak, and Seattle can provide the best in the entire area. No matter what trips you like, Seattle has a landscape for every whim. Mountain View? There is. Cycling along the beach? Check. Forests and parks? Already waiting for you. City trails? Check. One of the most diverse cities for cycling, and any bike ride in Seattle is sure to go through many bike paths and leave a long list of unforgettable memories.

Tucson, Arizona

This desert oasis has more bike infrastructure than any other city in the United States, and boasts over 700 miles of bike paths. You can ride all year round without boredom, and the mountain bike trails in the countryside, such as in the Santa Catalina mountains, are excellent - the main thing is not to crash into a cactus!

Washington, DC

Want to save your vacation from disappointing traffic jams and parking problems? Here's the solution - ride a bike! A bike ride through the District of Columbia is the easiest way to see all of the impressive monuments and monuments. Using the Capital Bikeshare program, you will get access to more than 1800 bikes for rent. And if you suddenly want adventure, rent a mountain bike at a store (such as Big Wheel Bikes) and take the beautiful 185-mile C&O Canal route that follows the mighty Potomac River from DC to Cumberland, Maryland.